fb likesHow many of you have struggled with how to use Facebook to attract page likes to your business page?

When we start out developing our online business, we have high hopes of gaining a following of people from our awesome posts which are packed with content and not to mention beautiful to look at.  Day after day, we continue posting this valuable content and images but quickly realize nobody is paying attention to us or liking our page!

We want to have people notice us and pay attention to what we are sharing out there, right?

Yes, I was definitely struggling along with you, which is why I am so glad I watched  this 45 minute webinar with Jesse Jameson, a facebook marketing specialist.

During these 45 minutes Jesse teaches us how to grow and engage people on our page through both organic reach and also to our warm and cold target audience.

And the best news – we don’t have to break the bank to be successful!

So what will you learn?

Step #1 – How to create your brand.  You need to figure out what  you stand for?  Why are you developing this business page?  Who are you here to serve?

Step#2Using the Ads Manager .  You’ll have a step-by-step guide through the 22 page pdf download showing you how to use this feature to determine what kind of ad you can and want to create.

Step#3 – Create your own ad! It’s like having Jesse right there, working with you over your shoulder, telling what to do!  You will be able to see your ad in all it’s glory just waiting to be put in front of your chosen audience.

It really can’t get much easier than this and all for FREE!  

Within an hour you will be able to learn the importance of developing your brand, learning how to use the tools Facebook has provided and how to reach your target audience so those posts you have been created actually get looked at!

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It is my hope that this brings you closer to the perfect Facebook marketing campaign.

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To your success,

Annette Seutter