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Making it to the Play-offs in Your Home Business!

Oilers2This past Tuesday night, my  favourite NHL hockey team, The Oilers, made it into the playoffs for the first time since 2006!  That’s  11 years of  trying to reach that goal!

What a special feeling there was in the arena that night, seeing how passionate and excited  the Edmonton  fans were!  The cheering was unbelievable, almost bringing me to tears watching it!

As I watched the victory being won, I couldn’t help but relate some of the principles to working your own business.  First of all, never give up on your goal!  Yes, it took 11 years but nonetheless, the Oilers  made it!  Fans, or were they really fans (?), were beginning to give up hope in those past 11 years and no doubt some moved on to become fans of another NHL team.  Team changes were made, those in leadership of the Oilers changed during that time but last night, all the effort and changes took them to another level.

Perhaps you have been struggling to see your dream become a reality.  You feel like it’s never going to happen, you’ve had to change course, change the team you’ve worked with but yet you always feel like it can still be yours.  Guess what, keep on pushing forward.  Make the course corrections, keep learning, keep modelling those that have achieved what it is you want to achieve and you will succeed.  It’s just a matter of time.  When you finally do reach your goal, those 11 years will seem like nothing and you might even laugh about them!

Think about this one comment from Connor McDavid.  He said, “There is a lot of work left to still be done.” Another teammate said  that the Oilers can’t celebrate as if simply making it into the playoffs is enough. “That is just a checkmark next to our name. It is nice that we know we are going to be playing for it, but we have another race, and that is for first place in the division.”

I think this same mentality needs to be with each of us as we are striving to reach our goals.  It’s still important to celebrate the wins along the way to the main goal but let’s not fall into the trap of celebrating too long that we forget we need to keep focussing and pressing on.

Just as in the game of hockey, or any sport for that matter, the training still needs to happen for each player and the focus needs to be sharp and the effort still 100% as they keep their eye on the main goal.

We need to know our main goal, know the steps to reach that main goal, celebrate as we achieve small successes on the way to that goal but keep working hard, keep focused and still give 100%.

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Five Steps for Higher Sales in Your Network Marketing Business

imagesHave you noticed that any economic, business or psychology studies that are done, all are based on  the ‘average‘ person?  Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be ‘just average‘.  I don’t want to be earning an average income, live in an average house or drive an average car?  After all, those who leave the ‘safe and secure’ jobs and enter into a home business and become an entrepreneur are often seeking for above average results in life, correct?

Well there actually is a group of researchers who study Positive Psychology and have realized that if we study what is merely average, we will remain merely average.  What these researchers do when they study people, they ask ‘why’ – why are some above average in music, physical abilities, energy, and creativity levels.  Their goal is to see how they can move the entire average up in companies and schools. Makes sense that we as entrepreneurs would want to rise above average in our business and earnings, right?

A little of the science behind this stuff.  It’s not reality that shapes us but the lens through which our brain views the world that shapes reality.  If we change the lens, we can change our happiness, educational and business outcomes at the same time.  Sounds simply and yes, it really is!  Stick with me here and in a moment I’ll break this down for you.

Imagine with me, you have dreamed from day one of high school, that when you completed grade 12 you wanted to attend Harvard University.  You work hard to receive high grades all through high school and the time comes to fill in the application and mail it off and then the waiting begins.  You anxiously check that mailbox daily for a response.  The day you’ve waited for arrives, the return address is Harvard, you can’t wait to open the envelope.  As you scan the page, you see the words  “YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED.”  Interestingly, research has showed that no matter how happy you were with the original success of getting into the school, two weeks later, your brain was not focused on the privilege of being there, but on competition, workload, hassles, stresses, complaints, etc.

This example shows that we allow the external world to predict our happiness levels, when in reality, only 10% of long-term happiness is determined by the external.  90% of our long-term happiness is predicted by the way our brain processes the world.  If we change that formula we can change the way we can then affect reality.

Look at this statistic, 25% of job successes are predicted by I.Q. while 75% of job successes are predicted by optimism levels, social support and the ability to see stress as a challenge not a threat.

It is plain to see we need to reverse the formula for happiness and success.  For centuries, we have been told by companies, schools and our parents that if we work harder we will be more successful and the more successful we are the happier we will be.

I have to burst the bubble here but this formula is broken because if our brain has a success, we then change the goalpost of what success looks like.  If we get good grades, we need to get better grades.  If we go to a nice school, we need to go to a better school.  If we reach our sales target, we change it.  If happiness is on the opposite side of success, your brain never gets there.

News flash – our brains work in the opposite order.  If we are positive in the present, our brain experiences a happiness advantage and at that state, it performs 31% better than when it is at a negative, neutral or stressed state.

It is only natural that if our intelligence, creativity and energy levels go up in this happy state, then our business outcomes improve.  We will be happier at our jobs, less burned out, have greater sales and superior productivity.  Those sound like great outcomes for our business, don’t they!

We need to train our brain to become more positive.  Okay, this is the part where I break things down. How can we train our brains?  Take 2 minutes for twenty-one days and rewire your brain by doing these 5 steps:

  1.  Write down 3 items you are grateful for.
  2. Journal your positive experience in the last 24 hours.
  3. Exercise
  4. Meditate
  5. Do one random act of kindness – ie:  1 positive email

Small changes will ripple outward for big outcomes.

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What To Do When You Hit the Wall in Network Marketing


Hit the Wall in Network Marketing?

We all have those days, moments, months, when we feel like we have given it our all in our network marketing business and we still are not seeing the customers we want or the business partners we anticipated would join.  Our income seems to be staying the same and we just can’t reach that next level, rank or income we want.  Our natural reaction may be to say “Aw, forget it!  I can’t do this!  It’s taking too long.  I quit!”

What does a true entrepreneur do?  The true entrepreneur will go back and remember his/her ‘why’.  They have such a burning desire to succeed and reach their goal because of their ‘why’ that they will push forward, despite the obstacles, despite the frustrations, despite the naysayers.  They have a keen and pulsating DESIRE, which transcends everything else.  It is  DEFINITE?

The story is told by a safari guide in Africa that when a gazelle or a wildebeest is pregnant and about to give birth, a lion will closely stalk that animal.  Day after day, the lion will follow the pregnant mother, waiting for her to go into labor.  The lion knows that when she goes into labor, she’s an easy target, because she can’t defend herself.  So the lion will actually wait for the mother to go into labor and then not only attack and kill her, but the baby as well.

It’s the same principle in life.  You will face your greatest attacks when you’re about to give birth to that next level, next rank, next promotion, next business partner joining, next customer….Your goal cannot be stopped IF you dig your heels in and declare, “I am in it to win it.  I’m not going to let this disappointment, this setback, or this person steal my dream.”

You may be facing your biggest challenge and feel like things are coming against you.  Remember, that’s a sign that you’re about to see a dream come to pass.  You must know your ‘why’ and it must be a strong enough ‘why’ to take you through the tough days.

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