If  you’re trying to rank your content, then
you MUST be doing KEYWORD RESEARCH…and if
you’re doing keyword research…

You MUST do it RIGHT!!…

Do we wonder why we see a McDonald’s or a Wal-Mart at major intersections of cities?  They are going where the traffic is, right?Mcdonalds

The same applies for us as we are building our business online, we need to be where the traffic is at.

Well, how do we find out where the traffic is?

#1 – Use the tools that Google supplies for us

  • For just a little bit of pocket change, you can access Google’s adwords tool that will help you determine what your target market is looking for.  People go first to Google to use their search engine to find answers to their questions, second to facebook and then to youtube.

#2 – Think like your prospect to find out what problem they have that you can  provide the solution for.

  • Google will actually help you as you enter various keywords into the search bar, you will see a whole list of other suggested search terms which you can also use as ideas for keywords when you are writing a blog post or doing a youtube video, etc. It’s great having high traffic to your post or video, but even better if it is the RIGHT traffic , the ones for which you have a solution.

#3 – Choose the right search number for your keyword research

  • The lower the search number does not always mean it is the right keyword to be using.  As well,  longer phrases , with a search volume of 250-500/month are ideal.  The longer phrases show a person is very definite on what they are looking for, thus more targeted.


The truth is that keyword research has been
explained repeatedly incorrect so many times that
people are confused, and wondering why their content
isn’t getting ranked…or if it is…why aren’t you getting
the traffic that you thought was going to come from
those keywords.

There’s just a few things that you’re likely doing
wrong, and it’s really messing up your chances to
rank in the search engines…so it’s time to change
that now!!…


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Annette Seutter