Who knew Instagram was so darned powerful for lead

How often do you check Instagram on your phone?

Be honest?

More than once a day?

More than once an hour?

People check Instagram all the time.

Standing in lines, at restaurants, at the bus stop, on the bus (some even do it in their car :/ Don’t do that)…

The point is that this is a massively engaging audience.

Are you using it to generate leads? Not sure how?

Well this totally FREE training will show you exactly how. To the tune of 150 or more extra leads each and every month. All from your phone.

150 extra leads a month is life-altering.

Did you know?  Instagram has over 200 Million monthly users and has been proven to have more engagement than Facebook and Twitter combined for branding. Instagram is also growing faster than any other social network usage in general in the U.S. A.

Another interesting tip I learned while watching this webinar – The average age of users on Instagram is 40 years and older so you can’t use the excuse that you’re too old for this social media!

Oh yeah…it’s easy as can be. Anyone can do it. Heck you’re doing it anyway. LOL

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To Your Success,

Annette Seutter