Are you discouraged with the time that it takes for fresh lead generation?
Are you struggling to create the content that attracts prospects, and then waiting forwaiting by computer
it to either rank on Google, or YouTube?  There’s always some
sort of hoop to jump through.

Ever heard of PPV marketing?

Pay Per View is the process of generating ‘pop-ups’ on a particular website of your choosing. For example, if you’re bidding on the website URL, ‘‘, then when someone visits ‘’, or types in certain keywords, your website or landing page will pop up.  And don’t worry, pop-up blocks will not, I repeat, will not, block your ad.  Pretty cool, eh?

It is completely above board and legitimate!  You can create pop-up ads, based on user actions, to catch the attention of a very targeted market!

How do you get started?

It really is very simple.

  •  You choose a PPV network that suits you and there’s lots to choose from!  You can just google ‘list of ppv networks’ and viola – you’ll have an assortment to choose from.
  • set-up your pop-up ad and campaign to collect your leads.  (If you want things real simple, MLSP has all the work done for you in this department!)
  • do your keyword and URL research to find your target market (By the way, MLSP has a video to help you understand how to do this )

Of course, remember you are learning a new skill that will take some time and effort to master but YOU WILL GET BETTER OVER TIME.  

Help Is Here For You!

I just completed a F*R*E*E training with two
rock-star marketers who are mastering a lead-getting strategy
that pulls in leads…well…IMMEDIATELY.

You’ll want to watch this recorded webinar while it’s still
available…and take detailed notes.  They will walk you through setting up your first campaign, tips on using a ppv network , how to do your bidding and what to check for when you’re testing your campaigns as well as other tips and tricks to allow you to see money in your pocket as fast as you can.


If lead generation has been a thorn in your side, then this
could very well be the answer to your lead generation prayers.

You’ll be happy to know that while most marketers are out
there fighting with Google, YouTube, and Facebook on a daily
basis…there’s a way to bypass all of that headache.

Imagine never really caring what Google or any search engine
or social network thinks again…


That’s what Pay Per View traffic can bring you.

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To Your Success,


Annette Seutter