Can videos help you win people over?  How many of you break into a cold sweat at the thought of doing a youtube video?  Does your heart race, hands get sweaty , mind go blank as you realize all the BIG names are doing those videos and you know you should be doing them as well but you’re thinking, do I really have to????


Of course, you don’t have to.  Nobody is going to make you do anything, after all it is your business and you can develop it as you please.  I guess the question comes down to , how do you want to grow your business.  I’m sure you want to grow it quickly and earn money sooner rather than later.    I always like to look at the successful leaders in the industry and learn from them.  I think we can both agree that the top names in the online world do seem to have their own youtube videos, so why are they doing that?


5 Reasons Videos Are Powerful:


#1 – They Help Build Rapport –  People who have viewed you on a video already feel like they have a connection with you.  They’ve listened to you, learnt a bit about you, listened to your jokes, heard about your family or gained some valuable information from you so if you should choose to offer them an opportunity to be on your email list, or purchase a product, they’ll be more likely to sign up or buy from you.

#2 – Videos Make People Become Pre-Sold – They like you or they wouldn’t be listening to your videos!  They are actually 10x more likely to open you emails and reach out to you now.

#3 – Videos Build Trust – This is so important if you expect people to buy something from you later.  People buy from those they like, know and trust.  Let’s build trust with people.

#4 – Videos Make You a Celebrity – This is the easiest way to become a celebrity – make a video!  Deep down you know you have always wondered what it’s like to be a celebrity – well, let’s go find out – make a video!

#5 – Videos Make You an Authority – As you provide valuable content to your audience, they will view you as an authority because they know they can come to you to find answers to their questions without you always asking them for something.


Remember – all you have to do is be yourself and share valuable content with people without asking anything in return and one day you may become that celebrity!

If you are new at this game and have lots of questions about how to get started, check out this awesome webinar that Mark Harbert did where he gives you lots of information  and how-to steps to begin your video marketing.    He even provides you with a pdf of 101  Video Creation Ideas for FREE!


Here’s to becoming a celebrity!

-Annette Seutter


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